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Indie Spotlight: Years Of Rice & Salt – Nothing Of Cities

28/02/2012 1 comment


“9 songs from UK post rock quintet. Probably the most far reaching post record heard in a long time. Violins, horns, guitars and expanse… subtle till it’s not. LP is 192 gram white colored vinyl. hand stamped and numbered printed with soy ink on 100% recycled gatefold covers. Limited to 100 copies.” (

As stated in the above quote – this post rock quintet is full of different instruments. It is full of vast atmospheric atmospheres and is just about the exact quantity of everything to make a stellar indie post-rock release. If you’re wondering what post-rock is, then listen to sigur ros. Although in this release there is no made up language and a very much big lack of vocals. But there doesn’t need to be vocals when the music can just as easily do the talking. The album kicks in with a bit of an introduction then flows and ebbs along for its duration. It’s an incredible listen and is even cooler on vinyl (while supporting an incredible company ‘futurerecordings’).

The actual vinyl

This release is as above – “LP is 192 gram white colored vinyl. Hand Stamped and numbered printed with soy ink on 100% recycled gatefold covers. Limited to 100 copies”. Also included is a small card with thank yous and a design on the back. For the sake of names I have NOT included a photo of that side – however I did include a photo of the other side.



1 – Afterglow

2 – Amongst Your Earthiest Words The Angels Stray

3 – Portarlington

4 – Eskimo Kiss

5 – Carnival Prelude


1 – Nothing Of Cities

2 – Lola

3 – Carnival

You can Download and stream in audiophile quality all songs at


It’s available for $13 from the store as well as all their other records.

This is just an awesome release if post-rock is your sort of thing. Future Recordings are full of incredible acts, most of which all go quite nicely together meaning that if you like this – you’ll also like most of their other artists and releases. So definitely check that out.

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