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Touché Amoré – Live On BBC Radio 1

23/10/2012 5 comments


After hearing the Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me kicker “~” I was rather hooked on Touche Amore. So hearing about this little live 7″ which includes the briskly titled track “~” you can say I was a little bit excited. I dashed down to Kill The Music in Brisbane to pick it up, and after giving it a 45bpm spin my suspicions were confirmed. It is kickass. The energy this band gives during a live show is incredible, and you can feel it encapsulated on this bit of wax. If you’re a fan of either La Dispute of Title Fight then you will already know about this band. But if for some reason you don’t – CHECK. IT. OUT.


The actual vinyl

Pretty standard plastic sleeve followed by an oddly put together outer cardboard shell for the vinyl. The edges are folded in and when they’re unfolded they give you a cool poster thing. Hard to explain so as usual – check out the pictures. The vinyl I have is the white variant which is apparently one of 2300. I ripped the pressing info off which I will casually list below.

Vinyl Pressing Info: 

First Press:
200 – Clear
300 – Transparent Purple
700 – Transparent Orange
1500 – Transparent Blue
2300 – White



1 ~

2 Home Away From Here


3 I’ll Deserve Just That

4 Amends





As always – Depends what variant you’re after.

However if you don’t mind which variant it is – you can pick it up at your local record store or for about $15 give or take on ebay.



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Touché Amoré – Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me

14/03/2012 Leave a comment


After pumping out short fast and loud tunes over an expanse of years,  their debut LP (…to the beat of a dead horse) and a slew of split vinyl they released Parting the Sea an explosive album which just teeters over 20 short but loud minutes. The songs meld together quite well and really blast through a few different realms including an amazing piano piece named Condolences. If you’re into Title Fight or La Dispute, they’re frequent tour buddies of them and all come under the banner of incredible lyric indie “holyfuckingshitthisisamazing”.


The actual vinyl

It comes in a  pretty standard insert case. I have the Second pressing which is solid red. I’ll put all the different pressings just below this paragraph. As you can see in the photos the insert has a photo, credits and lyrics. The following pressing info is from

Deluxe edition, limited to 961. Presented as a 12″LP sized, 28 Page hardcover book designed by TA guitarist Nick Steinhardt. Alternate and expanded artwork exclusive to this edition. 180 Gram Virgin Black Vinyl.

1st Pressing info:
100 clear
300 green
700 blue (this)
1000 white

2nd pressing of 2,942 solid red

200 copies pressed. Limited Australian Tour Edition. Only made available at shows during their tour with Title Fight.



1 – ~

2 – Pathfinder

3 – The Great Repetition

4 – Art Official

5 – Uppers/Downers

6 – Crutch


1 – Method Act

2 – Face Ghost

3 – Sesame

4 – Wants/Needs

5 – Condolences

6 – Home Away From Here

7 – Amends




This is really dependent on which pressing you’re after. If you don’t mind all too much then just drop down to your local record store and chances are they probably have the 2nd pressing or could get it in. If you’re after either the limited edition/aussie edition or some of the more limited versions you may have to dish out about $40+ depending. Just keep on ebay. Here is a link to the Touche Amore store if you’d like to buy direct!

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