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The Story So Far – Under Soil And Dirt LP

30/04/2012 Leave a comment


I have to say this was a random purchase. I’d heard of The Story So Far before I bought it, but I hadn’t 

really had a listen to them. I had a spare $20 and saw how perrrrdy this vinyl was. I’m actually really really glad I got it. It’s full of catchy riffs, fun punk/rock chorus’ and just a good 32 or so minutes to rock out to.

This being their first album ( I believe), is quite a display of what could come from the band in the future.

The actual vinyl

So the vinyl comes in a gatefold which in my opinion looks pretty freaking awesome. The art on it is great. If you open it up you’ll see the thank you notes in the center with 2 “tablet” things that have the lyrics on them. The actual vinyl comes in a square plain white sleeve. The actual vinyl itself looks freaking great. There are quite a few different pressings and colours for this one. I personally have what I think is the first of the second pressing. It’s clear with green splatter.

The first pressing should be

200 on cream with red and blue splatter
300 on translucent teal
500 on black

And from what I know thus far the second pressing consists of

Clear with green splatter

Solid Red



1 – States and Minds

2 – Roam

3 – Quicksand

4 – Swords And Pens

5 – High Regard


1 – Daughters

2 – Mt Diablo

3 – Four Years

4 – Rally Cap

5 – Placeholder

6 – Closure


As with pretty much anything else – it just depends on which variant you want.

Ebay usually comes up empty – but may be your only option if you’re after an older variant. you can get it for $15. Probably your best bet here IF you can’t get it from your nearest awesome record store.

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