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Gaslight Anthem – Tumbling Dice 7″ (Black Variant)

26/10/2011 Leave a comment


After releasing their third album “american slang”, the Gaslight Anthem released a cover of the Rolling Stones song Tumbling dice. They did this by releasing a 7″ collection of variants. All up there are 4 different colour vinyls to collect. The colour vinyl has a matching coloured shipping parcel, vinyl holder thingy majiggy (scientific name). There is white, green, brown and black. All the colours look great. However as of right now I only have the black variant. The black looks freaking great though. It’s got some sort of shine to it. Probably my favorite looking black vinyl I have.

The cover of tumbling dice is great. Originally I wasn’t the biggest fan of it since I just loved the b-side “she loves you” so much that tumbling dice just didn’t compare. However gaslight anthem always manage to create brilliant covers and this is no exception.

The actual vinyl

So I’ve already given a quick rundown of the vinyls, however I’ll elaborate a bit more. So like I said before it comes in a coloured (except black vinyl which is in black case), shipping parcel, vinyl holder thingy majiggy. Just look at the pictures if you’re confused. And you WILL BE confused damn it! When you open it up the vinyl is in a little white sleeve. If you pull that out you’ll also see a large black lyric sheet which is really cool. The lyrics are for she loves you and I assume the lyrics for tumbling dice is copy right or something so they’re not there. Instead on the opposite side it has Brian Fallon talking about why he loves rolling stones so much and how punxxx they are. Then, unless it’s flown out when you ripped open the parcel in excitement, there should be a little white card which has the extended artwork on it. if you flip the card over you’ll find the download link. All up the actual presentation of the vinyl is amazing. And easily the best of any 7″ I have so far. It looks great, plays great and it’s the gaslight anthem for goodness sakes!


A – Tumbling dice (Rolling stones Cover)

B – She loves you (american slang b-side)

$ (people in australia) it’s $13 including shipping. I actually picked it up from here but you don’t know what colour you’ll get.

EBAY – This method is a lot easier in getting the colour you want. Or all if you so desire. It ranges from $12+ and around $60-80 if you want all 4 variants.

pps. There IS actually a white sleeve for the vinyl too which isn’t pictured.

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