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Drive – Cliff Martinez (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2 x Picture Disc LP

23/10/2012 3 comments


Have you ever watched a movie and felt your insides scream in glorifying unison? Have you watched a movie and thought to yourself, “who sacrificed themselves to satan to make this movie so good?”? OR have you ever watched, or wanted to watch a movie? If you answered yes to any of those – then Drive is the movie for you. Furthermore – the soundtrack to Drive should be the soundtrack to your life. Throw in some headphones, put the album on repeat and go about life – knowing that your small existence has been exponentially heightened by the sound-scape pathing the track in front and under you.

The soundtrack has 80’s synth pop, atmospheric tunes, more 80’s synth pop and more synth pop. All of which YOU NEED TO SURVIVE. Listen to A real hero after seeing the movie – that song alone evokes so many emotions. Just an incredible song.

With all seriousness Drive is an amazing albeit at times violent movie, with one mindblowing soundtrack. A soundtrack I’m so lucky enough to hold in picture disc form in my hands.

The actual vinyl

I think I’ve managed to stop rambling about how much I love all things Drive so let’s get into it.

Four different versions:



180 gram Black

Picture Disc

I’d seen many pink versions on ebay before finally finding the picture disc version I love so dearly. The pink however does look really nice and matches really well colour wise.

It comes in a really nice glossy gatefold sleeve which is chock full of screen caps and images from the film.  The vinyl themselves come in plain paper sleeves. But the real glory is all in the vinyl and the glorious sound which comes from it.


Tracks are by Cliff Martinez from track 6 onwards.


1 – Nightcall – Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx

2 – Under You Spell – Desire

– A Real Hero – College Feat. Electronic Youth

4 – Oh My Love – Riz Ortolani feat. Katyna Ranieri


1 – Tick Of The Clock – The Chromatics

2 – Rubber Head

3 – I Drive

4 – He Had A Good Time

5 – They Broke His Pelvis

6 – Kick Your Teeth


1 – Where’s The Deluxe Version

2 – See You In Four

3 – After the Chase

4 – Hammer


1 – Wrong Floor

2 – Skull Crushing

3 – My Name On A Car

4 – On The Beach

5 – Bride Of Deluxe

$$ – $$$

Picture disc you’d be looking at about $70 + on ebay

Otherwise head to the Invada records store (linked) and you can pick up the other variants for about 23 pounds + shipping. On further inspection looks like the white is no longer up either. Ebay is sometimes your friend though.

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