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Sigur Ros – Inni 3xLP 2xCD 1xDVD

04/01/2012 4 comments
In may 2009 Sigur Ros were supposedly finishing up their follow up to Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. However by 2010 they confirmed in an interview that they had ditched the album and decided to take a break while most of the band(‘s wives) were having babies. In early August 2010, their website revealed a little sneak peak a project called Inni. We soon found out that it was a rather large collection of music in both audio and visual format which would be released in November of the same year. After a few months of teasing, some oogling at Jonsi (singer and cross eyed, vegan, icelandic heart-throb), a stage light catching fire during a Q&A and Inni was thrown into the world like a cage of white doves; flapping graciously towards the sky while posing as much as they can for the photographers. Although the metaphor may be seen as slightly off – the live collection is incredible. It’s a perfect wrap up of who Sigur Ros is and how incredible and awe-inspiring they are to see live.
The actual vinyl
The actual Inni project is split into three main sections – CD, DVD/Bluray and vinyl. My purchased copy is a 3x vinyl 2x CD and 1xDVD. If you just want cd’s or just dvd there are more packs but I’ll leave those up to you to find. There is also a rather rare version which only has a vinyl with the unreleased track on it along with a billion other goodies*.
The vinyl edition comes in a thick looking vinyl sized card like sleeve. Inside there is 4 sleeves, 3 holding vinyl and the other holding the two cd’s and dvd. The discs are sort of just poked in cd sleeve holes on the card, so far they’ve fallen out many a time, but it’s not the worst housing for them I suppose. The vinyl are houses in the normal vinyl like sleeve which has silhouettes of  the band and other moments from the film. The vinyl is standard black and has the tracks on each corresponding side.
*may not be a billion other goodies included.
1 – A
1 Svefn-g-englar
2 Glosoli
1 Ny Batteri
2 Fljotavik
3 Vio Spilum Endalaust
2 – C
1 Hoppipolla
2 Meo Bloonasir
3 Inni Mer Syngur Vitleysingur
4 E-Bow
1 Saeglopur
2 Festival
3 – E
1 Hafsol
2 All Alright
1 Popplagio
2 Luppulagio
I’ve only put this as two dollar signs as it may seem initially expensive but all up you’re getting 3 180 gram vinyl, 2 cds and a dvd. So it’s pretty damn amazing value.
$37 inc AUSTRALIAN postage from
or last time it was on ebay it was a buy it now for $57.
However as I said before there are a heap of different versions of this. So just go and see what’s best for you. After all, it IS an amazing package.
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