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Say Anything – … Is a Real Boy

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If you’re a say anything fan, you’re well aware that this is Max Bemis’ cracking first major label debut (of Sony subsidiary re-released from doghouse records).  You’ll also be well aware that this stellar album has a vast array of Say Anything hits from “Alive with the Glory of Love” to live staple “Spidersong” and part rap part social commentary “Admit it!!!“.

Although the album had it’s fair share of crazy beginnings (see: Rock Opera, breakdowns and re-recordings), the album was first released on Doghouse records before being picked up by J a subsidiary of Sony entertainment and rereleased in 2006, 2 years after it’s first release on Doghouse. The reissue was titled “…Was a Real Boy“, and featured scrapped songs and single “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too” which has a really weird phone orientated video. Luckily for us, Was a Real Boy ended up on the vinyl release too, as well as the great track “Walk Through Hell” which is a re-recorded track from Menorah/Majora. 

The actual vinyl

It’s your pretty standard gate fold release with paper vinyl sleeves. From recollection there was no download card and no lyric sheet either. Only a small amount of liner notes on the inner gate fold as seen in the pics. The artwork does look really cool in this format however as it’s all drawn by Peter Bemis. There has been 4 pressings thus far and are as follows ripped from the wiki. I have the highlighted Blue banquet release.

“1st press: 1,000 black (A/B) green (C/D)
2nd press: 1,000 white
3rd press: 1,000 orange
4th press: 1,000 red (retail version), 300 black (180 gram, ShopRadioCast exclusive), 250 blue (Banquet Records exclusive), 250 white w/olive splatter (Doghouse exclusive), 250 white w/ox blood splatter (Doghouse exclusive), 10 test pressing (bundled with ox blood splatter release), 10 Test Pressing (bundled with olive splatter release)”


…Is A Real Boy

A 1 – Belt

2 – Woe

3 – The Writhing South

4 – Alive with the Glory Of Love

5 – Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat

B 1 – The Futile

2 – Spidersong

3 – An Orgy Of Critics

4 – Every Man Has A Molly

5 – Slowly, Through A Vector

6 – Chia-Like, I Shall Grow

C 1 – I Want To Know Your Plans

2 – Admit It!!!

…Was A Real Boy

3 – Wow, I can Get sexual Too

4 – Little Girls

1 – Most Beautiful Plague

2 – It’s A Metaphor Fool

3 – Total Revenge

4 – Metal Now

5 – I Will Never Write An Obligatory Song

6 – Walk Through Hell



Depends what press you want as is always the case. But you can pick up the Blue Banquet records press which is the one I have for 17 pounds plus postage.

I’ve seen the other presses on ebay go for more than $100. So if you’re after another press such as the first black and green you’ll have to hold out on ebay or discogs with well over $100.


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