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La Dispute – Wildlife 2xLP

07/01/2012 1 comment


La Dispute started in 2004 and by 2008 they released their debut album, Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega And Altair to a rapidly growing number of fans. Fast forward three years and their sophomore album Wildlife was thrown into their fans excitedly shaking hands like an 11 year old unwrapping a nintendo 64.

With a play time of just under an hour it’s an exhilarating ride that throws you from 0 to 100 km/h and back again before you can realise you’ve just drooled all over your fan made t-shirt.  What really surprised me about this album was how many times you could come back to it and keep finding amazing bits you’d missed. May that be from certain tracks you hadn’t quite seen the beauty in, or the abyss like lyrics (saying ‘deep’ lyrics would be pretty cliche’).  From St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church Blues, to the crazily popular King Park, to I See Everything and a Broken Jar – you may really start to wonder what aspect of life is missing from this album. From dilapidated buildings to accidental child murder, to cancer and schizophrenia – all the dark parts of the alleyway you dare not trek down are not only illuminated but thrust at you with crashing drums and haunting lyrics. I dare not rant more about this incredible hour of auditory bliss – but if you haven’t heard of “La Dispute”, I think now may be a good time to give them a listen.

The actual vinyl

This is another fairly straight forward gatefold double LP. Front cover has the album art – without the fancy Wildlife title which is a sticker on the plastic wrapping. The first side of the inner fold has a picture and the credits from the record. The second side has the large symmetrical flower which serves as the icon for La Dispute at the current moment anyway. In the center of the flower has written – To (intentionally scratched out word) for everything. And the back has the back angle of the front artwork followed by the track listing. Each line symbolizes a new side to the record, if you’d like to know which songs are on which record. The vinyl itself comes in plain paper sleeves and has the roman numeral for which side of the vinyl it is. So from I – IV for those a bit over tired. Also included is a card for online download and what I think is the booklet from the CD which contains the lyrics.

As with the first LP – This has MANY variants. I’ll list them below. They may not be 100% – if you have any corrections just let me know. For the “record” (heh), I have the plain black version since I was poor at the time of great importance.

20 Black (Test Pressings)
250 Clear / Clear (Only in Deluxe)
500 Dark Yellow / Clear
500 Dark Red / Clear
750 Dark Green / Clear
1000 Gray / Clear
2000 Black / Black


1 – A – I

1 – A Departure

2 – Harder Harmonies

3 – St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church Blues

4 – Edit Your Hometown

2 – B – II

1 – A Letter

2 – Safer In The Forest/Love Song For Poor Michigan

3 – The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit

3 – C – III

1 – A Poem

2 – King Park

3 – Edward Benz, 27 Times

4 – I See Everything

4 – D – IV

1 – A Broken Jar

2 – All Our Bruised Bodies And The Whole Heart Shrinks

3 – You And I In Unison

$$ – $$$

This just really depends on when you get it, how lucky you are and which variant you want. It ranges from anywhere between $27 to $200 for the Limited edition Clear vinyl. All I can say is good luck – because it’s definitely worth it.

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