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Jebediah & Jimmy Eat World Split

23/10/2011 1 comment


Around the year 2000, JEW were dropped by capitol records after their album Clarity. Clarity for me was just about their best album however didn’t do so well at the time. So in the time it took for them to be picked up again (this time by dreamworks), they took the time out to record a split with Australian band Jebediah.

In personal opinion JEW owns the record. Their contribution is just amazing and three of their best songs in my opinion. I’m yet to listen to a heap of Jebediah. However, the three songs on here I think are just about their best. Harpoon would be my favorite track by far and one of my favorite tracks by an Australian indie band.

The most beautiful things and No sensitivity  are only on this release and the Bleed American (Deluxe Edition). The Cautioners is also on their next release which was Bleed American. However this version of the song is an earlier demo which has a lot more added to it soundscape wise. I actually quite prefer this version as it feels like there’s a lot more atmosphere and it’s a lot less clean sounding than the B.A. version.

The actual vinyl

This comes in a gold gatefold slipcase. All up there are 3 x 7″ clear vinyls (There is also a slightly rarer Red variant). Two vinyls slide in each side whereas the third disc sits loosely in the middle (in a sleeve). The front also has an ampersand (&) on the front which may or may not be visible in the photos. There is a red artsy silhouette of a man on the left center side and the back. The back and the center vinyl has the track listing.

The first and third vinyls only have the respective band name on one side and BWR (big wheel records) and another ampersand.

There is also a small lyric sheet included.


Jimmy eat world

1 A – The Most Beautiful Things

1 B – No Sensitivity

2 A – Cautioners


2 B – Animal

3 A – The Less Trusted Pain Remover

3 B – Harpoon

$ to $$

For a set of 7″ vinyl this set isn’t too expensive if you manage to find it for sale online. I personally picked 2 sets up on ebay for about $15 each.

Ebay – Although there’s none on there now it’s usually anywhere from $7 to $25. I wouldn’t pay more than $30 inc postage. – $15 upwards not inc postage. There is a red variant for $20.

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