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Fightstar – They Liked You Better When You Were Dead 7″

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Why yes – Charlie Simpson WAS in that british boyband. However after the first few bars of Palahniuk’s Laughter, the first track from Fightstar’s first release you’ll realize his boy band days are long, long gone. The track is full of heavy riffs mashed together with big chorus’ which standard in the post-hardcore genre. If you’re lucky enough to have They Liked You Better When You Were Dead on cd, or if you’ve downloaded it then you’ll know just what an incredible start this band had. They have an amazing mix of tracks which is really audible in even just the two tracks gracing this 7″ release. Mono, the second track starts off with a really light guitar riff and somewhat dreamy backing vocals. But what really makes this easily one of my favorite 7″ vinyl is the huge eruption of sound closer to the end of the track and it’s preceding build up. This took me a while to get a hold of, but I was crazily lucky enough to get it for under $5 which is a complete steal – as it usually goes for $40+ because of its rarity.

The Actual Vinyl

This release is a pretty standard 7″ sleeve with the vinyl sitting inside the cardboard packaging. The artwork is quite cool and has 2 drawings, one is obviously a draw from fight club – the movie a la’ the book from Chuck Palahniuk from which the first title comes from. The same 2 drawings grace the center label on the black vinyl as well.


A -Palahniuk’s Laughter

B -Mono


The price of this vinyl is really dependent on how long you’re willing to wait. As of right now – there are no listings for it on ebay. However on it goes for over $40. I waited about 3 months and managed to get it on ebay for about $5 which was incredible for the quality of this release. So if you’d like to get it I’d wait until you can find it for under $25 – however you should be able to find it for $30 if you look hard enough.

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Fightstar – The English Way 7″

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After departing from their record contract, Fightstar recorded an album their selves, with many of the tracks using strings and other instruments, the result was Be Human. It was a slight departure from post-hardcore and drifted into the realms of more straight up rock, all the while remaining quite true to their roots.

Anyway – less about the album and more on ZE VINYL! The English way way was from recollection the first single from the album and was initially released on itunes with an acoustic version, a cover of “hide and seek” (definitely worth checking out if your a Charlie fan), and the video clip. The blue vinyl on the other hand has the B-Side “Down”, which is exclusive to this 7″. Down, very unlike the English way is almost fully on acoustic guitar with a few effects here and there. Also it’s fully only sang by Alex Westaway, which is fightstar’s melodic singer which makes this song that much more interesting. If you look past it’s quiet nature you’ll be able to find a really great track. And it’s a brilliant contrast to the heavy verses and melodic chorus’ in the english way that fightstar are so known for.

The actual vinyl

The English Way 7 Inch spiffy blue vinyl comes housed in a plain see-through plastic slipcase. It also comes with a cover/artwork glossy paper sheet which looks close enough to a cover anyway. It does mean that I have to put that slight bit more care while putting the vinyl back however to not damage the paper at all. Although it’s a bit harder to put back, in the long run it’ll keep the dust out a lot more than the simple cardboard slipcases.


A – The English Way

B – Drown

$ 1/2

I put a half because it’s not crazily cheap, and for only 2 tracks and such I think the one and a half is warranted. It’s still a reasonably cheap vinyl, just depends on how hard you look.

Ebay – $10 – 25

At the time of writing there were no copies on my frequented online vinyl stores.

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Fightstar – Waste A Moment 7″

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Waste A Moment is the third single of Fightstar’s first album Grand Unification. Although I could pick other choices of singles from the record, I think the first few singles after Charlie Simpson parted from Busted needed to be quite heavy to mark a clear departure from said brit pop group. The whole album is amazing so there couldn’t be a “bad” choice of single. The songs strong point is it’s ability to go from the clean(er) melody driven verses to the distorted heavy chorus.

One thing that Fightstar has done really really well in my opinion is the art work. It’s always great to look at and reflects the music I think. I’m not sure what the Japanese says on the red umbrella but I’d love to find out. I could look it up… Maybe I will and I’ll edit once I’ve cracked the da vinci code.

The actual vinyl

Much like “Paint your target 7″” there is a sticker on the bottom left – this time it’s green. It’s funny that they write the title on the sticker. However with the small type on the sticker it’s hard to read “waste a moment” from a distance. On the back the case says it’s limited edition and gives a number. The green marble vinyl comes only in the slipcase and without a sleeve which is pretty standard for 7″. This marble is a lot easier to see and notice than the paint your target 7″. Also there seems to be black specks in my vinyl. Originally I freaked out when I saw it thinking that it was dirt and such – but just part of the vinyl.

My actual copy is number 1060. I’m not sure how many was printed. I did a quick search on google to no avail.


Side A – Waste a Moment

Side B – Minerva (Acoustic). This is a deftones cover. I wasn’t a big fan of Minerva originally. However after listening to the Deftones original I’ve grown quite fond of the Fightstar cover (not saying the deftones version was so horrid that I prefer the other version).


This was pretty cheap. I got it NEW for around $10 including shipping. I managed to pick it up on ebay from the same seller as the paint your target 7″.

Ebay – Costs around $10 to $15 INC postage.

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Fightstar – Paint Your Target 7″

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Paint your target was one of fightstar’s first 7″ singles. From recollection “they like you better when you were dead” was the first 7″ which came at the same time their first EP of the same title was released. Paint your target made appearances on both that EP and their Debut album – Grand Unification, which I’d assume would come from their obsession with Neon Genesis Evangelion at the time. If you haven’t seen it – it’s a freaking good series. But don’t expect to understand the ending.

The actual vinyl

Anyway more on the actual vinyl. It comes in a slipcase with no sleeve. There is a white info sticker in the bottom left corner which just says what record it is again (after it says it pretty clearly on the case itself), and that it has an exclusive b-side. This b-side was also actually on their first EP “they like you better when you were dead” which it was also on. Which is sort of weird that it says exclusive b-side, considering their directly previous release had the song on it. Regardless the song is really pretty good anyway.

All up – the sound quality is freaking amazing. Both songs are great. And the actual vinyl itself looks great. Unlike my other white vinyl, this 7″ is sort of a marble white. It’s hard to see unless it’s closely inspected or held up to light, but it looks great.


A – Paint Your Target

B – Until Then


I got it NEW off ebay for about $10, was shipped from the same seller as the waste a moment ep – so was really cheap postage.

Ebay – it goes anywhere from $10 to $25. One listing has it new for $10 inc postage. Where as another has it for $25 inc postage as “like new”. It’s $25 because shipping is $15 AUD! If anyone has shipping of a 7″ for $15 – don’t even bother. Unless it’s something you’ve been looking for a million years for. – has it for about $10 inc postage. But prices differ alot.

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