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Enter Shikari – A Flash Flood Of Colour LP

22/02/2012 1 comment


Enter Shikari have been labeled under “post-hardcore,   electronicore and metalcore” in the past. Not only do I have no idea what the last two mean, but I also think that they break through defining lines in general. After slightly narrowing their sound in their sophomore album Common Dreads, they have once again busted through mere “genre” and really transcended into a mixed sound of their own. I’ve found that through my first listen I was quite confused and didn’t quite “get it”. However the more I listened to it, the more I found just how much I loved each crazy transition. So if you’re not quite feeling the album the first few spins, then keep going and try a few more times. The amazing video for arguing with thermometers seen HERE may help you in your quest.

The Actual Vinyl

This single blue 12″ vinyl comes housed in a rather cool looking lyric sleeve with blue light inverted triangle on the opposite side of the sleeve. The sleeve and vinyl themselves go inside the packaging which has alternate album artwork specifically for vinyl. The vinyl itself is a really cool blue colour and you’ll see from the below photos what they exactly look like.



1 – System…

2 – … Meltdown

3 – Sssnakepit

4 – Search Party

5 – Arguing With Thermometers

6 – Stalemate


1 – Ghandi Mate, Ghandi.

2 – Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here

3 – Pack Of Thieves

4 – Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide

5 – Constellations


Right now it’s easily available for about $27-$40. If you’re in australia head to JBHIFI online and you can pick it up for $34 including postage. Otherwise just head to the enter shikari website or your local record store.

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