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Dead Letter Circus – This Is The Warning – 2 x White LP

31/10/2011 Leave a comment


Dead Letter Circus exploded out of Brisbane, Australia with their debut album This Is The Warning. The “alternative/progressive rock” album garnered great reviews and sent the band express to the top of the Australian charts. The tracks have massive hooks, loud crunchy guitars and bombastic drums. The singers voice sounds great with the tunes and is one of the best Aussie rock albums in the last few years I believe. The vinyl came with both the double white vinyl and also a copy of the normal cd version. I managed to pick up this limited edition (only vinyl version) for $20 from the JBHIFI site which is amazing for double vinyl and cd so I’m incredibly happy with the purchase as it’s a really good album and the vinyl has a great sound.


The actual vinyl

The gate fold case comes with alternate artwork. For me, I much prefer the alt artwork as compared to the CD editition. But maybe I’m just a bit bias. The middle of the gate fold doesn’t have lyrics but simply has 12 pieces of art – one for each song I assume. Although I do like the art quite a lot I would have liked to have the lyrics on the vinyl as well. Instead, whenever I want to look at the lyrics I have to go the CD booklet which is frustrating at times. The center also has credits along the bottom. The back has the tracklist set in front of more awesome art by Cameron Gray. The vinyls themselves come in plain white slips. The white vinyl does look pretty awesome however the center is pretty boring which is why I only took two pics rather than the 4 possible centers – because they’re all the same with just different letters A to D.



A 1 – Here We Divide

2 – One Step

3 – Big

4 – The Space On The Wall


B 1 – This Long Hour

2 – Cage

3 – Reaction


C 1 – The Drum

2 – The Design


D 1 – Next In Line

2 – Walk

3 – This Is The Warning


$ to $$

EBAY – $30 – $50 + – $20! This is the obvious choice. At least until they run out of stock, or if your out of AUS and plus shipping is cheaper on Ebay.



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