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Daft Punk – Tron Soundtrack 2xLP

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On the leaflet which comes housed in this amazing package it has a quote from “Joseph Kosinski” from 2010 talking about meeting Daft Punk and talking about them writing the score.

“… the discussion revealed a shared desire to create a score that blended classic orchestral themes with an electronic minimalism in a way that had never been done before… Now, three years later, we are in the final stages of mixing and the result has truly exceeded my high expectations.

Because the score was developed in parallel with the production of the film, I’ve had the opportunity to live with it for over a year now and it never fails to thrill and inspire me as we near teh finish line. I am excited for you to experience Daft Punk’s first contribution to the world of film scoring – I have a feeling it won’t be their last.”

This quote really just about wraps up all the things I want to say about this film score. I loved the film (screw the critics), and thought that the soundtrack was literally the perfect backline to such an atmospheric film. Originally I was a little bit iffy about daft punk taking on such a great leap. And after derezzed was released my fears weren’t exactly calmed. I feared that the soundtrack would be like another daft punk album and not really manage to hit that “score” note. After hearing this soundtrack in the film and when I got a hold of the soundtrack I was exponentially impressed by the brilliant mixture of “classic orchestral themes with an electronic minimalism”.

It’s an exciting time when such huge bands are starting to score films such as Trent Reznor, Atticus Ros and of course Daft Punk. It not only means a decent income for them – instead of downloading hurting them a little (I know that’s a rather questionable statement. However Disney would have payed Daft Punk a decent sum for this).

The Actual Vinyl

As you can probably tell from the continued barraging of glow in the dark images in this post – I discovered that the cover was not just raised but was also glow in the dark. After opening up the amazing gate-fold cover, a large image of Daft Punk tron style reveals itself. I really wish I could have that center image blown up rather large as a poster and put upon my wall.

Each vinyl rests in either side in very very nice paper, plastic lined sleeves. It’s a small thing having the plastic lining, but it’s so great putting the vinyl back in or taking it out with it. Also included in a page of liner notes which includes a digital download code. Thus the bad drawing out over mine.



1 – Overture

2 – The Grid

3 – The Son Of Flynn

4 – Recognizer

5 – Armory

6 – Arena

7 – Rinzler

8 – The Game has Changed

9 – Outlands


1 – Adagio for Tron

2 – Nocturne

3 – End Of Line

4 – Derezzed

5 – Fall

6 – Solar Sailer

7 – Rectifier

8 – Disc Wars


1 – C.L.U

2 – Arrival

3 – Flynn Lives

4 – Tron Legacy (End Titles)

5 – Finale

D – Bonus Vinyl Content

1 – Sea of Simulation

2 – Encom Part 2

3 – Encom Part 1

4 – Round One

5 – Castor

6 – Reflections

7 – Sunrise Prelude


This record is limited to 9072 and for that reason can be very expensive at times, but also can be snagged at a bargain price. On ebay right now it’s anywhere between $35 to $70 depending on where you get it and if you’re a lucky bidder or buying it now. I’d suggest (if you can) waiting until you can get it for around $30-45. However it IS an amazing record – so good hunting.

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