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Billy Talent – Red Flag Picture 7″

03/11/2011 2 comments


I can’t express how amazing this vinyl looks. It is amazing. The red flag art is probably my favorite of Billy Talent’s art works thus far. Billy Talent are renowned for ridiculous live gigs and even crazier mosh pits. Red Flag – ever since being released onto Billy Talent II has been a crowd favorite. This vinyl has the ‘album version’ of Red Flag, followed by a live version recorded at the Horseshoe Tavern.

Red Flag on vinyl is actually in 2 parts. This being the second part. And the first part being a Red coloured 7″ with gatefold to hold both parts. Unfortunately I’m yet to get a hold of part 1 as for some reason it’s harder to find than part 2, but as soon as I do I’ll put up a new post.  Part 2 has the album version again with side B having Where is the line? (demo). However for the record (heh), either one of the “parts” can stand on their own plenty well. I just really want that gatefold to house it. Plus I want to be complete.

The actual vinyl

Sorry – I know I’ve already really said this.

It’s a 7 inch picture disc. The front has the image to the right, and the back has the track listing and art of what seems to be wreckage. The vinyl looks AMAZING. I am yet to play it though so I can’t say much about the sound yet. The pic vinyl is housed in just a clear plastic sleeve.


A – Red Flag (Album Version) – 3:11

B – Red Flag (Live at The Horseshoe Tavern) – 3:42

$ to $$

It depends if you want just this part or if you want both parts.

Ebay – Part 2 is anywhere from $12 to $40. Part 1 is about $25 – 50 is really about the same if you include postage but you might be able to find a better bargain there.

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