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AFI – The Art Of Drowning LP

07/01/2012 3 comments


It was only after forming in 1991 and releasing 5 albums did  AFI manage to finally accumulate much commercial success. This is a little surprising considering the quality of their first few albums. AFI’s music has always jumped around a bit in feel and genre. This has become very apparent after the electronic experimentation that was Sing the Sorrow, the very dark yet slightly more pop December underground and the even slightly poppier(?) Crash Love which was released in 2009.

The Art Of Drowning kicks off with the ‘warm up’ Initiation, then kicks off fast and loud with The Lost Souls. It then sprints through the rest of the vinyl in the special way that fast and loud AFI were well known for. I should also say that included on side A is the vinyl only track Dream Of Waking also makes an appearance as the last track on that side. This isn’t the first time that AFI have had vinyl only tracks. For example a few tracks are left off the CD version of the Reservoir Dogs inspired Answer That and Stay Fashionable.

Although I love this record as a whole, I must say that side 2 really has some gems. Although Days Of The Phoenix is rather over played by certain demographics – the song itself still remains rather great. Then it rolls through Catch a Hot One to Wester, 6 To 8, The Despair Factor and finally maybe one of my favorite AFI songs – Morningstar. 

The actual vinyl 

This is a single sleeve vinyl. The cover is the main album artwork which actually looks awesome in such a large artwork size.  The back side is a continuation of the front image coupled with the track listing divided in half for each side of the vinyl.

Inside is the vinyl slid into a normal paper sleeve. An awesome lyric sheet is included, this sheet has lyrics one side and thank you’s and production credits on the opposite side along with the winged demon seen on many early AFI releases.

As for the actual vinyl, the center sticker has the tracklist and which side on one sticker and the other has previously mentioned winged demon. As for the actual colour of the vinyl – I have the purple marbled. However there are MANY MANY variants. All of which I will try to list. I’ve taken them all from, so I’m not sure if they’re all official or if there are more or not. Regardless I’ll list them now:

– Blue Marbled

– Fuchsia Marbled

– Grey Marbled

– Maroon Marbled

– Purple Marbled

– Smoke Grey (which was the limited edition)

– and also possibly just a plain black



1 Initiation

2 The Lost Souls

3 The Nephilim

4 Ever And A Day

5 Sacrifice Theory

6 Of Greetings And Goodbyes

7 Smile

8 Story At Three

9 Dream Of Waking (Special vinyl only track)


1 The Days of the Pheonix

2 Catch A Hot One

3 Wester

4 6 To 8

5 The Despair Factor

6 Morningstar

$ – $$

I found it for around $25 – 40 on ebay. Just depending on which variant you want. It’s also still in press from what I know so it shouldn’t be too hard to get a hold of it. And it’s definitely worth getting a hold of if you like earlier AFI.

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