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Vinyl news and updates 2/03/2013

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This has been a while I know. But here we are and there is a LOT of freaking news to pump out. Some of the pre-orders have been out a while but I feel them to be noteworthy enough to be brought up.

Blink 182 – Take Off Your Pants And Jacket LP + 3×7″ PRE-ORDER 

Blink 182’s follow up to Enema Of the State has been in extremely high demand the last few years, with prices upwards of $150 for just the 12″. This wasn’t helped by the cancellation of a repress which never came to fruition even AFTER people had payed for their orders. Reddit user Beefmitts explains what happened: 

“Mightier Than Sword was supposed to release the exact same package in 2011. A crap ton of people pre-ordered and paid for it, there were a slough of indefinite delays due to “manufacturing issues with the sleeves” and other various excuses until the guy running the label finally stopped posting updates or answering questions. Fast forward about a year and a half after the initial pre-order, he posts a final update saying to hold tight, he’s got Mark Hoppus personally involved and writing the forward, and we’ll have it in our hands soon. Then he completely disappeared. The majority of people who pre-ordered were unable to get refunds through MTS. A handful were able to get refunds through PayPal after explaining the situation and some of the staff had heard about the problem a few times already. Unfortunately every rep I talked to said it was too late to file a dispute and get a refund, even though it had been an ongoing delay for over a year already at that point.”

Apparently shopradiocast may have had something to do with the release as this pressing of 2,500 will feature the Mark Hoppus foreword promised some years back. Also SRC is offering 10% off to anyone who ordered the failed repress. This is the message from them in an email:

Acknowledging this was to be previously released by another label, Shop Radio Cast is offering a priority pre order and a 10% discount to those who previously pre ordered with proof of purchase. To receive the 10% discount and assure advance pre order:

1.) Sign up an account at if you do not have one. Do not sign up for an account if you already have one.
2.) Email the following info to

 – Proof of purchase – Email confirmation or a screen shot of Paypal payment
– The email address you used to sign up to at  

Advance Pre Orders will occur early March, however we encourage those who purchased to set up their advance purchase and discount immediately.”

Although it’s been through some evident problems, for me this album would be too hard to pass up so I’ll take my chances. Not to mention the rather epic extra 3 7″ vinyl full of the ridiculous b-sides. For all those still interested the pressing info is as follows:

Vinyl Info:
– Triple Panel Gatefold jacket with 7″ Inserts
– Each 7″ housed in a glue pocket jacket with a full color CMYK insert
– LP is housed in a full color Inner Sleeve
– First pressing, limited to 2,500 include Mark Hoppus Foreword

Vinyl Color:
First Pressing (LTD 2,500)
180 Gram Black LP
Red 7″
Green 7″
Yellow 7″

Red 7″ Track Listing
Time To Break Up
Mother’s Day

Yellow 7″ Track Listing
What Went Wrong
Fuck A Dog

Green 7″ Track Listing
Don’t Tell Me It’s Over
When You Fucked Grandpa

If you’re interested then you can pre-order early to mid march for a May 7th release HERE

The Postal Service – Give Up Deluxe 10th Anniversary 3xLP PRE-ORDER 

10 years ago Death Cab For Cutie front man Ben Gibbard and Angeleno Jimmy Tamborello collaborated to produce an indie pop/electronic masterpiece. For all those unsure – they pumped out the track Such Great Hights which has been later covered by iron and wine and a gazillion others. Anyway to keep this short – they’ve just thrown out a new single titled A Tattered Piece Of String and have thrown a ridiculously large collection of b-sides, live tracks, covers (such as the iron and wine) and remixes to make the biggest collection of Postal Service musical tracks that I’d be surprised if any single note they’ve played isn’t on here.

As stated this is a 3LP collection (and/or 2cd if you’re THAT way inclined), and if you pre-order from Subpop you’ll be able to get the Red White and Clear colour vinyl in what they call the “Loser edition” of Give up. Tracklist is as follows:

  1. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
  2. Such Great Heights
  3. Sleeping In
  4. Nothing Better
  5. Recycled Air
  6. Clark Gable
  7. We Will Become Silhouettes
  8. This Place Is a Prison
  9. Brand New Colony
  10. Natural Anthem
  11. Turn Around
  12. A Tattered Line of String
  13. Be Still My Heart
  14. There’s Never Enough Time
  15. Suddenly Everything Has Changed
  16. Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)
  17. Grow Old With Me
  18. Such Great Heights (John Tejada Remix)
  19. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (DJ Downfall Persistent Beat Mix)
  20. Be Still My Heart (Nobody Remix)
  21. We Will Become Silhouettes (Matthew Dear Remix)
  22. Nothing Better (Styrofoam Remix)
  23. Recycled Air (Live on KEXP)
  24. We Will Become Silhouettes (Performed by The Shins)
  25. Such Great Heights (Performed by Iron & Wine)

As you can see – it’s pretty freaking incredible. If you’d like to pick up your copy – or just grab the standard edition for the non-complet-ists out there then head HUURRREE

How To Destroy Angels – Welcome Oblivion 2xLP Pre-order 

Nine Inch Nails man Trent Reznor, his wife Mariqueen Maandig and Social Network co-writer Atticus Ross have already created 2 EPs and are ready to pump out their first feature length Welcome Oblivion. After showing us their first freaky as balls video How Long they’ve shown us a bit of a preview into the new tracks of the album (a few tracks also feature on their last EP An_Omen). Their first live show will kick off at Coachella before a string of shows over the states.

The actual package is pretty standard gatefold double Black 180 gram vinyl, but will also contain the CD version and a free HQ download of the album on release day. Also the vinyl edition will feature 2 tracks not heard else where. Track list is:
01 The wake-up
02 Keep it together
03 And the sky began to scream
04 Ice age
05 Welcome oblivion
06 On the wing
07 Too late, all gone
08 The province of fear
09 How long?
10 Strings and attractors
11 Recursive self-improvement
12 Unintended consequences
13 We fade away
14 The loop closes
15 Hallowed ground

PRE-ORDER the vinyl, cd or HQ MP3 download HERE

The Gaslight Anthem – 59′ Sound & American Slang Blood Red REPRESS THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM - The '59 Sound LP & American Slang LP on Blood Red Vinyl BUNDLE

These are some slightly older records but this new pressing from SideOneDummy is looking freaking GREAT. Click the image to to go to the site and look at that colour. Sounds ridiculous – but it does look pretty great. Not much else has changed, same tracklist and same incredible songs. Snatch them up quick as there will only be 1000 of each album.

Order yours HERE









Yes this bad ass double album from Matt Bemis’s Say Anything is finally on vinyl getting pumped out by Shopradiocast. I would have hoped it could be on 3LP or even 4 due to its HUGE amount of tracks. However this time we’re just seeing a double. Either way this thing is flying off the shelves with the 500 gold vinyl press already sold out with the 180 gram black on it’s way out too. It’s your cd version track list for this release but it’s been prettied up a bit with some great gloss and a huge lyric insert to boot.

Vinyl Color:

500- 180 Gram Black
500 – Gold
1,500 – Translucent Purple

Order yours here





Sum 41 have been and will forever be the early 2000’s highschool soundtrack. Although their latest albums haven’t gotten as much attention their back catalogue is not to be sniffed at. With Shopradiocasts rather incredible last few presses of hard to find or nonexistent albums this is a welcome addition and hopefully not the last of the SUM 41 pressings (PLEASE REPRESS CHUCK). This vinyl comes with TWO BONUS TRACKS, Reign In Pain (Heavy Metal Jamboree) and WWVII Part II. This album is full of Sum 41 classics like The Hell song and Still waiting. It comes in a gatefold jacket with lyric sheet.

Vinyl Color:

500 – 180 Gram Green (PMS 375)
500 – 180 Gram Orange (PMS 1375)
500 – 180 Gram White (Hot Topic Exclusive)
250 – 180 Gram Red

Order yours HERE.




The story so far absolutely BLEW ME AWAY with their killer pop/rock/punk release Under Soil And Dirt. And they’re out to bamboozle me again (I hope!) with their sophomore release What You Don’t See. You can preview a track called The Glass from the record HERE.

There are so many different pre-order packs depending how big a fan you are all available from the Pure Noise Records website. However the pressing info for the vinyl is as follows:

500 – 180 gram Black Vinyl
500 – Watermelon Splatter
1000 – Purple/White A Side / B Side
2000 – White

To preorder the vinyl head HERE

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BF logoRecord store day is that one day of the year vinyl enthusiasts crave for. It’s the day they gaze into the deep abyss of their wallet and fight the inhabiting goblins for any – and all money they can find. The important role or Record store day is to give out a heap of quite cheap vinyl releases in order to generate more demand. Plus it gives an excuse to give some awesome deals for awesome one off vinyl.

Black Friday however, is described as follows (via the website) –

In the past Black Friday was an American event celebrated by large corporate retailers as a shopping day that promoted mass produced items at super low prices in hopes of driving customers into their stores. RSD’s Black Friday subverts the model and creates pieces of art in the form of limited special editions, often numbered, from some of the most revered artists of our time. RSD’s version of Black Friday is an excuse to celebrate the specialness of music in our lives by putting out these unique releases. In other words, cheapness is not a main goal. Celebrating art is.

In essence – Large companies used black friday for crazy cheap sales. Whereas RSD Black Friday is for celebrating art and selling some ridiculously rare vinyl.

Now firstly I should add that by the looks – the official in store “black friday” will only happen in a few select countries – the vinyl themselves will end up on ebay and a billion other websites very shortly after I’m sure. All up, the places selling these records are (around) “900 independently owned record stores/shops in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Holland and the UK.” So sorry Australia. 😦 But I’m sure if we kick up enough of a fuss if this continues to next year then we might just get the exclusive vinyl here as well.

In regards to the actual exclusive releases – there will only be about 35 releases as compared to the 300 or so for Record store day this year.

Now I know you’re itching to know what the releases are. Or you might have just googled it because you got bored of waiting. Either way. Now since there is QUITE a few releases I will just list all the bands then highlight a few. Ok? Got it? Good.

The Beatles, Pink Floyd, John Lennon, Beastie Boys, Syd Barrett, Ryan Adams, Jimmy Cliff, Fear, Matisyahu, Dream Theater, Bob Dylan, Kings Of Leon, Janis Joplin (x2), Miles Davis, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pete Townshend, Warren Haynes, Iron & Wine, The Black Keys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Tom Pretty And the Heartbreakers, The Doors, The Grateful Dead, The Civil Wars, Pinback, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings (x2), Wilco, Justin Townes Earle, Phish (x2), John Cale, Crowded House, Cory Chisel, Brendan Benson, Various Artists, Chris Cornell, Dr. Dog, Mr Gasser and the Weirdos (x 6!), the Back-wash Rhythm Band, The Yardbirds (x2), The Byrds (x2), The Lovin’ Spoonful, The Misfits, Rainbow, Elf< All that remains/Jasta Jamey AND finally Type O Negative.

Now to highlight.


Box-set of four 7″ picture sleeve singles in metal tin, includes RSD branded adapter and poster, all tracks are newly remastered and are appearing on vinyl for the first time

1. “Ticket To Ride” / “Yes It Is”

2. “Hey Jude” / “Revolution”

3. “Something” / “Come Together”

4. “Yellow Submarine” / “Eleanor Rigby”

The price is estimated at around $50 and is a reasonably snazzy pack for someone who’s been itching to own some Beatles vinyl. Or for the collector. I do quite like how it’s in the metal tin and newly remastered is sort of a given. There will  be 10,000 copies for the US and 5700 international.


Box set of three 7” singles, the first vinyl remasters from The Wall

1. “Another Brick in the Wall”/”One of My Turns”

2. “Comfortably Numb”/”Hey You”

3. “Run Like Hell”/”Don’t Leave Me Now”

Now there’s no more information given about what this “box” entails, however I do hope it’s reasonably sturdy. At least not as bad as the yellowcard collection “box”. Then again we don’t want it to be too strong, *insert ‘wall’ sturdy joke here*. Numbers will be – 7500 US and 4000 internationally. SLP – $50

John Lennon

2010 Remastered LP. Includes 6 track White vinyl 12″ and a poster

SLP is $60 and there will be 5000 US and 1700 internationally.

Beastie Boys

Although not a vinyl release I feel like I should put this here.

FORMAT:  Book/Blu Ray/DVD/CD

The latest Beastie Boys album in a deluxe edition, packaged with 60 page hardbound book (featuring photos from the FFYR–Revisited video shoot, “chalk full of more stars than a Judd Apatow film”, with 5.1 version of album, videos and more  on both DVD and Blu-ray

Estimated at $64 and there will only be 5000 available – only in the US.


A box set bringing together the band’s early albums Youth & Young Manhood, Aha Shake Heartbreak, Because of The Times, and a 4th LP made up of unreleased studio and live tracks picked by the band themselves. Also includes a 20 page booklet and a collectible poster.

The Kings of Leon have blown up after their album “with that sexy fire song” (intended mistake), however many new fans didn’t even know about previous albums (from personal experience). Now there is finally a box set to mush all their hard to find previous LP’s together along with another LP on exclusive ‘THINGS AND STUFF’! I would very much love to get my hands on this as soon as it’s available to me. However at $140 (possible price), you might want to start not eating now to afford it. Just a word of warning – there is only 3250 available in the US, and 1200 elsewhere so GET IN QUICK or ebay will be your only chance (at double the price).


All the 10″ official singles from Nevermind collected together for the first time, housed in an individually numbered slipcase.

SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT single: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”/”Drain You”/”Even in His Youth”/”Aneurysm”
COME AS YOU ARE SINGLE: “Come As You Are”/”Endless, Nameless”/”School (live)”/”Drain You (live)”
LITHIUM SINGLE: “Lithium”/”Been A Son (live)”/”Curmudgeon”/”D-7” (taken from a John Peel Session)
IN BLOOM SINGLE: “In Bloom”/”Silver (live)”/”Polly (live)”

At around $60, this pack is pretty freaking great. And actually really good value. The box set looks great (via pics from the site), and has some great tracks and b-sides. If you’d like to get a hold of it I’d line up at your local store and pick it up before the 5000 (US only) are snatched up.


Live on the I-5 – Before the Doors Sound check E 10″ Colored Vinyl
Rare soundcheck performances from Soundgarden’s 1996 tour, available for the first time on numbered 10″ colored vinyl. Includes a freaked out version of The Doors’ “Waiting For The Sun”

“No Attention” live in Oakland 12/5/1996
“Never The Machine Forever” live in Oakland 12/5/1996
“Waiting For The Sun” live in Oakland 12/5/1996
“Room A Thousand Years Wide” live in Vancouver 12/7/1996
“Somewhere” live in Sacramento 12/4/1996

Again – a really good buy. This one is should be only about $20 but is only available in the US. 4000 copies.


Morning Becomes Eclectic

An LP and bonus CD of tracks recorded at KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic show

Unfortunately there isn’t a heap of information on this one other than the fact it’s a 12″ of said show, and that it only has 3000 copies only available in the US.

The Black Keys

Lonely Boy – A 12” single with new music from The Black Keys


“Lonely Boy” b/w “Run Right Now”

Much like the Iron & wine LP I don’t have much info on this one other than this is a 2 track 12 inch. No numbers or possible price has been released yet as far as I know.


Speak Into The Rose – A 4 track 10″ vinyl, with two previously unreleased tracks

TRACK LISTING:    “Art Of Almost (ALT Version)”,

“I Might (demo)”

“Speak Into The Rose”

“Message From Mid-Bar”

Although I don’t have any numbers yet I can say that it looks to be around $14, which is quite a bargain for such a (possibly) quite limited 10″.


The Devil’s Rain 

The latest album from the Misfits with a special lenticular cover.

Only the VERY small number of 1500 will be release ONLY in the US for about $40. Get in extremely quick.

Although I want to keep blabbing and list all the exclusive vinyl’s and amazing “art” that is being released for this occasion I’ll leave it to you guys to look up anything I’ve missed.

Link to the

Recordstoreday website here –

Black Friday list of releases and Numbers

Possible pricing here –

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Vinyl news and updates 31/10/2011

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I know this is the second update in only a handful of days, however a few of these really need to be put out now because they’re already just out or will be out soon. As well as this, I’ll be putting up a rather large post on the record store day black friday exclusives for anyone lucky enough to be in the few countries that have it (sorry Australia – not sure if you’re included).



After their second album Common Dreads, Enter Shikari have really shown fans and haters alike that they’re here to stay. Judging by their first single off the album “Snakepit”, the new album is going to blow everyone away – or at the least make everyone start dancing uncontrollably (check out snakepit here if you haven’t heard it – The new album, due 9/1/2012,  is available to pre-order from their website. There’s the option of buying the RED LP by itself, adding a 7″ GREEN remix 2 track vinyl or going all out and buying the LP, 7″, t-shirt, sticker, badge (and ticket if in UK).
Just LP – $18.60
Just 7″ – $6.20
HUGE PACK – $38.75
The shipping is on top of above cost and is around $9 for international shipping.
Deftones have been renowned for heavily verses and melodic yet heavy Deftones - White Pony (2XLP)hitting choruses. Their third album White Pony cemented both their sound and the band themselves as rock legends. After going out of print time and time again, White pony is getting repressed. So if you’ve missed out in the past – or on the deftones complete vinyl box set, then now is your chance. It’s available from the shopradiocast website and will be released on the 21st of nov 2011.
Although White Pony is getting the new repress treatment, Around the Fur and Diamond Eyes are both available from the radiocast site. So if you’re after them, pick them up at the same time and save on shipping.
White pony 2xLP – $24.49
Around the Fur – $22.99
Diamond Eyes white vinyl – $20.75
Tegan and Sara have amazing catchy choruses and amazing singing. 523558_TandS_BoxSet.jpgTheir albums such as The Con have been ridiculously popular – but increasingly hard to get a hold of. So DON’T FEAR! Now you can get all 5 albums plus a bonus home records LP in one neat little (not so little) pack.
Box set includes:
“SAINTHOOD, THE CON, SO JEALOUS, IF IT WAS YOU, THIS BUSINESS OF ART and the exclusive bonus record, HOME RECORDINGS, which features nine demo tracks dating back to SO JEALOUS.”
The pack costs $99 from the becausesoundmatters website (+ $13-ish for international postage) – or you could pay $150 inc postage from ebay.
Unless you’ve turned to top 40 radio for the last year or so you should know that Yellowcard is freaking BACK! Their new album titled When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes, turned lots of heads and not only brought back their loyal fan base, but introduced a new generation of kids to the glory of pop/rock (or pop/punk if you really think it’s ‘punk’). The collection comes with the 5 vinyls all housed in a large “postage sachel” thing. It says “box” on the site, but after seeing actual pics – it’s NOT a box. However it’s embossed and does look quite good.
The box set is:
“The Underdog on Red colored vinyl
Ocean Avenue on Blue colored vinyl
Lights & Sounds on Gold colored vinyl
Paper Walls on Green colored vinyl
When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes on Purple Marble colored vinyl”
It’ll set you back about $80 plus postage – around $112 all up to Australia. And ships on the 10/11.
Now for something a bit different – many of you probably won’t know Terrible Truths, a 3-piece band from Adelaide – Australia.
Terrible Truths 7" (2011) Cover Art
Terrible Truths reign from Adelaide (as stated above), and are slowly growing to be one of Australia’s growing garage-pop stars. This is their first release and has 4 great bop/rock tracks. A split 7″ with Hissey Miyake should be available over the next few months.
This limited 7″ is only $11 and is a great fun listen – and hey, you’re supporting some awesome Aussie tunes! Who doesn’t want that?
If you’re still undecided you can listen to the full 7″ at the link below – or in the least you can pay $2 and get the audio from the same place.

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Vinyl pre-order update 29/10/11

29/10/2011 1 comment

This is the first post in what will hopefully be quite a few pre-order and general vinyl news updates. If anyone has a cool name for this just let me know. I’m thinking – “Fresh wax” or “Pressing wax”. Thoughts?



To celebrate Brand New’s first album, Triple Crown Records are reprinting the LP. This gatefold vinyl comes with new artwork (as seen), new liner notes and a download card with “previously unreleased demos. Nine rides shotgun would have to be among said demos. I’m actually really quite a fan of the new art work as well, guessing it comes from the lyrics of the track Soco Amaretto Lime – “passed out on the overpass”. It’s expected to be released on the 22nd of November.

From what I can see you can only score it from the shopradiocast store for $16.50 or interpunk for 14.50. Both stores are plus shipping.




Image 1

$16 plus shipping from the shopradiocast website. It has fan favorites like Private eye,       Mister Chainsaw and Crawl. If you want a copy I’d get in quick with this run limited to just 300. It’s supposedly going to be released on the 15th of Nov 2011





Image 1

Four year strong have jumped from rooftop to rooftop after their first album Rise Or Die Trying. Their latest offering is
looking to be a jump even higher for the 4 piece. “Just Drive” and “Fairweather Fan” looks like this new album will be a little more ROCK and a little less pop-punk than their last album, Enemy of the World. 

From what I can tell this is a plain black vinyl release however there isn’t all that much information on it. The 10 track vinyl is available from hot for $13 and for $13 as well (both plus shipping). It’s funny though, because hot topic says it’s exclusively available from hot topic. Although if you do buy through hot topic it comes with a free… wait for it… KEY CHAIN! … while stocks last. The release date is the 8th of November.



Say Antying - Stay What You Are LP

This 2001 fan favorite from Saves the Day has the singles At your funeral  and Freakish. It’ll steal $16 from your wallet PLUS shipping of course. It’ll also be printed on colour vinyl and set upon your ears on the 15th of Nov 2011 like previous ALK3 reprint.






I say everything. Because I mean Eh-Ver-Rie-Tha-Nnnnng. It comes in every type of format you can imagine. If you haven’t seen the first first real clip for it, see it.. … … HERE! – . If by chance you are not well acquainted with the Icelandic quartet – I’d hurry up. Inni  is their first release since Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, excluding Jonsi’s amazing solo work.

Inni comes in many formats for the sake of this site I’ll only put the vinyl editions, however a bluray edition, dvd edition and digital copy are all available from the website. It’ll come out November 7th (USA: 15th).

CRAZY LIMITED EDITION – unique concert artefact • 7″ coloured vinyl • 1x blu-ray • 1x dvd • 2x cd • ‘klippa’ on dvd • 4x photographic prints • light sensitive paper • enamel badge • instant download of ‘e-bow’ mp3 • special edition includes free postage

TRIPLE VINYL EDITION – 3x vinyl • dvd • 2x cd – Box set

Although there is a vinyl edition I find it weird there is no option with vinyl AND bluray so anyone who’d like a blue ray and vinyl are unfortunately going to have to listen to old sigur ros vinyls while sobbing into Jonsi imprinted tissues. It also looks like the crazily limited edition is only available from the sigur ros website. Although it does look like the JB and amazon sites have a DVD+CD+PHOTO set that is not available on the sigur ros website. – CRAZY LIMITED EDITION $79INCLUDING shipping. VINYL EDITION $40+ shipping. VINYL EDITION – $35 + FREE shipping to Australia. VINYL EDITION -$25 + shipping

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