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Brand new – The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me

Firstly WELCOME TO BANGKOK the new address! We are now live at www.waxandneedles.com and hot diggity dog do I have a year for all of you vinyl/music lovers. New high res photos and plenty of new vinyl. It’s going to be a great year. And if you want more vinyl up on this site try to help me out maybe and spread the word! Anyway, moving right along…



Oh how this album always manages to blow me away. It goes through different moods, genres and even has a great instrumental (welcome to bangkok – thus the bad word pun). But as with all amazing albums or bands, trouble always has a way of sneaking in. Which in this case was what is now called “fight off your demons”, aka. the 9 ‘untitled’ demo’s which were leaked onto the internet. “Leaked? So what?” you may ask yourself while checking your download speed on utorrent. According to this, Garret Tierney (bass guitar) had no problems with the leak and even suggested it was good to see so many people curious. Jesse Lacey (lead singer, rhythm guitar) had a much different view, saying that it had him pretty down. He also stated that he “felt those songs were wasted or something – that we had to go and write new things because those had been heard”.

Regardless of Jesse’s thoughts during said interview a number of the songs went on to either appear on the album or was released in some form. “Untitled 8” went on to become Sowing Season, “Untitled 6” became Luca, “Untitled 3” became the B side to Jesus‘ single – Brothers or aloC-acoC which was the b-side to Sowing Season and finally “Untitled 7” became the single Fork and Knife. Also if you’re somewhat of a conspiracy theorist – you may be able to hear similarities between “Untitled 9” and Archers Bows Have Broken.

The Actual Vinyl

The cover art is something of genius and you can thank photographer Nicholas Prior for such. This now expensive vinyl comes in a rather curious looking gate fold. After opening it up there is an old photo with some rather amazing hair as well as a black light image on the other side. The two vinyl slide out either side of the package and my set has either a white paper sleeve or full black card sleeve to choose from. Rather curious I thought when the name is “devil and god” (white and black choice?), only me? Ok… On my variant each vinyl has part of the title in the background followed by the track titles of the songs of the corresponding side. Also included is a booklet of curious nature. It’s full of photos, a tracklisting, odd text and credits. My variant as you may be able to see from the photos below is the solid white from academy fight song. There is literally a bazillion different variants for this particular record including black/white marble, orange/black swirl and solid purple just to name a very few. If you’d like the full list – google is your friend.



1 – Sowing Season

2 – Millstone

3 – Jesus


1 – Degausser

2 – Limousine (MS Rebridge)


1 – You Don’t Know

2 – Welcome To Bangkok

3 – Not The Sun


1 – Luca

2 – (Untitled)

3 – The Archers Bows Have Broken

4 – Handcuffs


For some reason I was chosen by the devil or god (not even a pun?) to win this on ebay for about $50-$60. It was amazing. Probably the second best moment of my life. Of course coming second to that one time I found the last packet of mi goreng behind the out of date  Betty Crocker cake mix.

Anyway – This album is usually found for about $100+ on ebay and such. It really comes down to which variant you want and how flexible you are on such. If you want this record I probably wouldn’t spend over $120 as if you play the waiting game you’ll be able to get lucky. However if you want it NOW then you might have to dish out about $120 – $170.

But don’t let the price keep you away. Being able to spin this record after failing yet another horrid day of compulsory Uni subjects is freaking phenomenal .

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    I didnt expect this, but I love this, found it helpful! Keep up the good work!

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