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Nine Inch Nails – Down In it – 12″ single


Nine Inch Nails blasted into the music scene with their first album “Pretty Hate Machine” in 89. Down in it is the first single off said album and is the first release from Nine Inch Nails, also known as “Halo 1″ (the collector number NIN started since it’s first release). This 12” release has only 3 “tracks”, one is the original named Skin, then has 2 more remixes. I sort of bought this on a whim. In a lot of respects I’m glad I got this because it’s NIN and “collectors thing” and such. I’m also happy that I can listen to the original Down in it on vinyl until I can afford the new remastered Pretty Hate Machine.  It didn’t cost all that much, but the remixes don’t really tickle my fancy. I would much prefer to have the UK version which has more info on it just above the pictures.

The actual vinyl

This vinyl comes in a white sleeve and slipcase. The slipcase has your standard album art, and the tracklist and credits on the back. If you look really really closely on the cover there are stripes and in the top left there is the NIN logo. The center image on the vinyl is the track list on side B and the plain NIN logo on side A. It’s funny, each nin vinyl release I’ve seen always has the tracklist for the vinyl on side B rather than side A which I find quite peculiar. The catalog number for this release is TVT 2611.


A – 1 Down In It (Skin) – Original track – 3:46

2 Down in it (Shred) – Remix by Adrian Sherwood And Keith LeBlanc – 6:56

B – 1 Down in it (Singe) – Remix by Adrian Sherwood And Keith LeBlanc – 7:03


The edition I have (US version) is as follows

EBAY – $20+ if you’re lucky you can get it for 15 or less.

Other versions

If you were really after a Down in it single vinyl I’d aim for the UK version. The Uk version has 6 tracks including 2 Terrible Lie remixes however is a bit more expensive. You’d be looking at spending $30 plus on it. However is a lot more worth it that the US version I feel.

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