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Fightstar – The English Way 7″


After departing from their record contract, Fightstar recorded an album their selves, with many of the tracks using strings and other instruments, the result was Be Human. It was a slight departure from post-hardcore and drifted into the realms of more straight up rock, all the while remaining quite true to their roots.

Anyway – less about the album and more on ZE VINYL! The English way way was from recollection the first single from the album and was initially released on itunes with an acoustic version, a cover of “hide and seek” (definitely worth checking out if your a Charlie fan), and the video clip. The blue vinyl on the other hand has the B-Side “Down”, which is exclusive to this 7″. Down, very unlike the English way is almost fully on acoustic guitar with a few effects here and there. Also it’s fully only sang by Alex Westaway, which is fightstar’s melodic singer which makes this song that much more interesting. If you look past it’s quiet nature you’ll be able to find a really great track. And it’s a brilliant contrast to the heavy verses and melodic chorus’ in the english way that fightstar are so known for.

The actual vinyl

The English Way 7 Inch spiffy blue vinyl comes housed in a plain see-through plastic slipcase. It also comes with a cover/artwork glossy paper sheet which looks close enough to a cover anyway. It does mean that I have to put that slight bit more care while putting the vinyl back however to not damage the paper at all. Although it’s a bit harder to put back, in the long run it’ll keep the dust out a lot more than the simple cardboard slipcases.


A – The English Way

B – Drown

$ 1/2

I put a half because it’s not crazily cheap, and for only 2 tracks and such I think the one and a half is warranted. It’s still a reasonably cheap vinyl, just depends on how hard you look.

Ebay – $10 – 25

At the time of writing there were no copies on my frequented online vinyl stores.

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