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Fightstar – Paint Your Target 7″


Paint your target was one of fightstar’s first 7″ singles. From recollection “they like you better when you were dead” was the first 7″ which came at the same time their first EP of the same title was released. Paint your target made appearances on both that EP and their Debut album – Grand Unification, which I’d assume would come from their obsession with Neon Genesis Evangelion at the time. If you haven’t seen it – it’s a freaking good series. But don’t expect to understand the ending.

The actual vinyl

Anyway more on the actual vinyl. It comes in a slipcase with no sleeve. There is a white info sticker in the bottom left corner which just says what record it is again (after it says it pretty clearly on the case itself), and that it has an exclusive b-side. This b-side was also actually on their first EP “they like you better when you were dead” which it was also on. Which is sort of weird that it says exclusive b-side, considering their directly previous release had the song on it. Regardless the song is really pretty good anyway.

All up – the sound quality is freaking amazing. Both songs are great. And the actual vinyl itself looks great. Unlike my other white vinyl, this 7″ is sort of a marble white. It’s hard to see unless it’s closely inspected or held up to light, but it looks great.


A – Paint Your Target

B – Until Then


I got it NEW off ebay for about $10, was shipped from the same seller as the waste a moment ep – so was really cheap postage.

Ebay – it goes anywhere from $10 to $25. One listing has it new for $10 inc postage. Where as another has it for $25 inc postage as “like new”. It’s $25 because shipping is $15 AUD! If anyone has shipping of a 7″ for $15 – don’t even bother. Unless it’s something you’ve been looking for a million years for.

Discogs.com – has it for about $10 inc postage. But prices differ alot.

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